How to Make Your Own Tea Bags

Tea bags are real salvation for modern lifestyle!  Tea can be brewed on the road, on a picnic, at home and at work.  A couple of minutes, and the drink is ready!  
The first time a tea bag was used was in 1904 because of a misunderstanding. Thomas Sullivan, a merchant from New York, decided to save a little money.  He put tea samples in silk bags, not in the usual tins.  Customers received tea in a new form and decided that it should be brewed just like that without unpacking.   Click HERE for the many pre-packaged tea bags we offer.  
 T-Sac Loose Tea Filters
And, if you love a special high-quality loose tea we offer at Culinary Teas, how can you make your own tea bags for your mobile lifestyle?  Simply put your tea in your own tea bags!  We have two options:    
  • The T-Sac Line offers you biodegradable, chlorine-free, disposable tea bags in multiple sizes.  The smallest ones make a single cup or pot, the largest ones makes a whole pitcher of tea, e.g. for a hot summer day. 
  • Our Reusable Cotton Tea Bags make 1-2 servings of tea, and can then be washed and re-used.  
Try the bags for convenience, and you may get hooked!  We particularly like the  Organic Texas Iced Tea Blend and Lady Hannah's Whole Fruit Tea for iced tea using tea bags.