Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea has been well known in China since the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Since that time flowers, spices, and sometimes fruit were added to tea to create new flavors. One of the creations was green tea with jasmine. The Chinese believes that it opens energy channels, detoxifies, and balances energy inside the body.  


Jasmine was considered a symbol of passionate love. It was called the “queen of the night” because the blossoms open and release their perfume during the night hours.The flowers are harvested in May when the aroma is most intense and in the early morning before the blossoms are dried out by the afternoon sun.
The preparation of jasmine flavored tea requires the alternation of layers of tea leaves and flowers. Then it is heated to 104 degrees F. for about 12 hours so the tea leaves can absorb the fragrance of the jasmine flowers.

Our Jasmine with Flowers Green Tea is a pleasant, fresh, and gently uplifting tea with a perfect balance of sharpness and sweet jasmine aroma. The leaves are prepared in the traditional way by layering and to make the product more beautiful additional jasmine flowers are incorporated into the blend. They will open in your cup just as they opened at night, releasing their magical aroma a second time.