Welcome to our new site!

We are so glad you are here.  As with any change, you may have some questions: 

Are the teas the same?  YES.  

What is so great about the new site?  We hope you like the blog, the new pictures, the new samplers, new ways to earn rewards, PayPal payments, lower shipping costs, and easy ways to re-order your favorite teas. Behind the scenes, among other things we will be able to track inventory better for you.  Much more to come!  

Why make the changes?  Did you need to do it?  YES.   We want to serve our customers better, and the new technology platform gives us more options to do that going forward.  

Do you still give free shipping for orders over $75?  YES.  

What about free shipping for your fifth order?  Do you still have a loyalty program?  YES.  We have a loyalty program, but it is slightly different.  You will still earn free shipping, but through a points system.  For the typical customer, you will earn free shipping at approximately your fifth order.  However, for customers with bigger orders, or those who refer a friend, you can earn it sooner.  Each dollar you spend earns 10 points, and at 1500 points you earn free shipping.  If you refer a friend who purchases with us, you earn 500 points.  

I was just about to earn free shipping on the old site.  What about that?  Every first customer purchase during our migration earns free shipping.  We did that so everyone who was on their way to free shipping was rewarded.   

What about my account and login info?  When you make your first purchase, you will see instructions to activate your account using your email address, and set up a new password.   Everyone will need to set up a new password. Note: some customers' account information did not travel to the new site, so you may need to set up a new account.  

I am a wholesaler, what do I need to do?   We reached out to our wholesale customers directly with some new ways of working with us.  If you have urgent needs, you can call us too.  

As always, we welcome your questions, ideas, and concerns.  Please contact us through the contact us form on the site, or 866-799-4005. 

Many thanks for your support!