How to Make Popsicles with Tea -- Teasicles!

Children will love them! Our fruit and herbal blends are wonderful brews for making popsicles.  Paradise Peach HerbalApricot Supreme or Orange Grove Vanilla. Use double the recommended amount of tea. The tea should be concentrated because it will lose some sweetness and flavor after freezing. Steep and let the brewed tea sit for a while. Taste a bit of the cooled tea to add sweetness that matches your family's preferences.  For instance, we find Apricot Supreme benefits from a little honey before making popsicles.  Pour the warm tea into popsicle molds. You can add some  pieces of fruit or berries.You can make popsicles with any of your favorite black or green teas or rooibos. Just remember to double the strength of the tea and use sweeteners if needed.