Regenerate, Rejuvenate & Welcome the Spring with Green Teas!

The drumbeat of the health benefits of Green Tea started centuries ago:  

"A medicine is for one disease only, but green tea is a kind of panacea that can prevent and treat all sorts of ailments".
-- Eisai, the Buddhist priest who brought tea to Japan in the 12th century.

We like Green Tea for three main health benefits:

First, Cancer Prevention:  Green Tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants that reduce the incidence of cancer.  Study after study suggests that drinking Green Tea on a regular basis is a positive step for all of us.  

Second, Increasing Focus:  Green Tea includes high amounts of L -Theanine, which is an  amino acid that help to relax the mind, enhance mood, focus, and alertness.  

Third:  Managing Weight:  Green Tea is a great support in burning fat and reducing sugar cravings.  In Green Tea there are ingredients which  work  together to help to increase your metabolism, decrease appetite and stabilize blood sugar.   When you are craving for something sugary, try to replace it by a cup of Green Tea.


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