Three Japanese Teas to Substitute for Coffee

Why not to start with something unusual? Japanese tea is always a surprise!  

Here are three green teas:

Houjicha—Similar to coffee in terms of robust flavors with a hearty roasted aroma and dark color. It has a nutty flavor and almost mocha-like notes.Hojicha Gold 

Genmaicha—A pan-fired sencha tea that is blended with toasted and popped rice giving the appearance of "popcorn tea.” The cup is somewhat full-bodied and sweet with a lovely baked character from the toasted rice.

Kukicha—Kuki means twig cha–tea. The tea is made from twigs, leaves, and stalks cut from sencha production. Leaves and stalks are processed separately and cut the same size. Light uplift and clean energy. Balanced combination of sweetness and bitterness with nutty notes.

All these teas can be a great morning cup.