How to Make an Arnold Palmer


Iced tea in a glass with cherry on top

An Arnold Palmer is so refreshing! Of course, at Culinary Teas we believe the best way to make this drink is with premium iced tea and top quality lemonade.  

First, make your iced tea:   We recommend a classic iced tea for this like our Cape Cod Iced Tea or Organic Texas Iced Tea.  Fill up half of our large infuser with loose tea.  Pour a teapot of boiling water over the infuser ball.  Let the tea steep, cool, and refrigerate to yield about a liter of delicious iced tea, slightly concentrated.  


A few other tips to know about Arnold Palmers: 

  • Caffeine.  Black tea has caffeine, so if you are serving this to kids, you may want to choose one of our decaf teas like Earl Grey Decaf.  
  • Lemonade amount.  It is your choice how much lemonade you use in your Arnold Palmer!  We suggest half and half for a fruity refreshing drink.  However, you could also try it as 3/4 tea and 1/4 lemonade for a lighter touch. 
  • Booze.  Some adults like to add vodka to this drink.  The legend is that Arnold Palmer, the famous this drink as  golfer designed this drink as non-alcoholic, however.  

Next, add lemonade.  Choose a high quality lemonade to get the best taste.  Add an equal part lemonade to your tea.  It will be a touch strong until you add some ice and then it will be perfection!