The Suprising Origins of Iced Tea

Iced Tea - A History Tea, made by steeping tea leaves in hot water, has existed in some form for more than 5,000 years. Iced tea, however, was invented only 200 years ago.

This delay was due primarily to the lack of refrigeration in earlier times. There was always plenty of snow and ice during the winter, but it was difficult to preserve ice through the summer months without a freezer. Ice had to be harvested in winter from frozen lakes and rivers, and then packed tightly in sawdust for insulation.

Many historians mistakenly believe that iced tea was first invented at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. However, variations of iced tea existed for more than 50 years before the Fair. Many English and American recipes for iced tea – back then, called “tea punches” – date back to the early 1800s. Typically, these beverages were made with green tea (not black!), ice, sugar, and either wine or champagne.

One later version, published in 1884, appears quite similar to today’s iced tea, calling for sweetened tea to be poured over ice, lemon, and sugar cubes.

Finally, a menu from the 1890 Missouri State Reunion of Ex-Confederate Veterans includes 880 gallons of iced tea. (Source: Agricultural History Series, MO State Univ.)800 gallons of Iced Tea!

Clearly, iced tea was already well in existence before 1904. Yet it was in this year that it first became wildly popular – thanks to a merchant named Richard Blechynden.

The 1904 World’s Fair

The 1904 World’s Fair celebrated the centennial of the Louisiana Purchase, which had occurred in 1803. Thousands of visitors from all parts of the world travelled to St. Louis to attend the various events, showcases, and palaces.World's fair

Among these visitors was Richard Blechynden, an English merchant, who hoped to popularize the black teas he had imported from India. Much to his dismay, when the day of the Fair came, the weather was blisteringly hot and humid. No one was interested in buying hot tea on such a sweltering day.

Trying not to panic, Blechynden suddenly noticed a delivery of ice blocks at a nearby food stand. A flash of inspiration struck him.

He hurried over, purchased several blocks of ice, and set his assistants to work swinging ice picks. After enough ice was broken up, Blechynden began filling glasses with ice chips and brewed tea, creating an improvised version of iced tea.

His creation was a huge success! Quickly, a long line began forming outside his tent. Everyone wanted an ice-cold beverage to cool off in the heat.

Iced Tea Today

Following the 1904 Fair, Indian tea imports rapidly grew in popularity, with black tea replacing green in American iced tea recipes. Ever since, iced tea has been hugely popular in the United States – today, more than 80% of all tea consumed in the U.S. is served cold!

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