Is that Egg Nog in your Tea?

Many people like their tea classically black.  It lets the true complex flavors of gourmet tea come to the forefront of your taste buds. We love that, too.  
Eggnog in a glass

However, for those of us who crave a bit of creaminess in our cup, milk or cream can be a welcome addition.  And, in the holiday season, you can extend the creaminess invitation to egg nog. In particular, I can recommend Holiday Winter Tea as the perfect companion.  Our Holiday Winter Tea has a gentle spiciness to it.  The aroma warms me from the inside out, with memories of my mother's ginger spice cookies she made every December. This tea with a bit of egg nog is the perfect companion to online holiday shopping!  

We imagine you may have a few holiday parties coming up.  What about bringing a holiday-themed tea gift?  We have four easy ones to fit that bill, our 25 tea bag softwood chests of Christmas Moon Tea (apple and cinnamon notes), Santa's Workshop (cranberry!), Snowman Tea (cinnamon and orange), and of course Holiday Winter Tea.