Matcha tea in a mug

3 Reasons Matcha Needs to Be in Your Beauty Routine

Matcha tea in a mug

Matcha teas have been used widely for centuries. While ingesting the teas has many benefits, you can also use the tea in your beauty routines. Here are several reasons to incorporate matcha into your daily beauty routine.

Matcha Tea is Good for Your Gut

Drinking matcha tea can help digestion, so including it in your daily liquid intake can help calm your digestive system. This has several benefits for your beauty routine. Your skin will look hydrated and healthy if you’re consuming the correct amount of daily liquids. Having a healthy gut will also minimize bloating and give you a thinner appearance. Matcha has a plethora of nutrients like iron and antioxidants that will help balance your digestive system.

You Can Use It in Body Scrubs

Matcha has naturally detoxifying properties. Including it in body scrubs, lip scrubs and facial scrubs can help pull impurities out of your skin and give you a healthy glow. Adding matcha into scrubs with sugar will provide a perfect blend to exfoliate as you detoxify your skin. The same properties that make it a great detoxifier also mean that matcha will help absorb the dirt and debris that cause blackheads and whiteheads. Adding matcha to your beauty routine on a regular basis can use those properties to help prevent breakouts. While it detoxifies, matcha can also help energize your skin and promote healthy cell growth and stimulate blood flow. Proper circulation will mean an even complexion that looks healthy and shiny. There are amino acids in matcha that will also help your skin look smooth in addition to giving it a natural shine.

Matcha Hair Masks Mean Business

If you treat your hair regularly with a mask, using matcha in that weekly or daily mask can help boost shiny, bouncy locks. The nutrients in matcha that help your gut also come to the rescue when dull color, limp hair, and other cosmetic concerns with hair. Try it out with honey, a raw egg, or lavender essential oil and play around with what works for your hair type.

Experimenting with matcha can have dramatic health benefits. If you’re looking to start drinking and using matcha in your day to day life, check out the selection at Culinary Teas. Explore our tea collection today to purchase high-quality matcha that will put you on the road to a healthier and more beautiful life.