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4 Teas That Will Make You Feel Better

Tea can promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Besides hydration and all the benefits that come with being properly hydrated, teas can also introduce herbal remedies into your body that can help ease illness and ailments. Here are four teas that will make you feel better.

Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Tea

Drinking an anti-inflammatory tea can help with joint pain and arthritis. Active ingredients like turmeric, fennel, and orange peel in the Arthritis Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Tea offered by Culinary Teas are great for relieving arthritic pains. Part of the cause of arthritis pain is oxidation by free radicals. Turmeric and other antioxidants help slow the oxidation process within your body.

Dietary Teas

Teas with ingredients like ginger and dandelion will help your body’s digestive tract. This is perfect for bloating and other dietary issues. Choose a blend that is herbal and has a mix of ingredients that will both calm your digestive tract and stimulate digestion. Drink these teas as recommended, and don’t overindulge. An added touch of pepper can help stimulate your digestive system, if needed.

Flu and Cold Remedy Teas

Having a hot cup of tea can help soothe some of the most severe cold and flu symptoms. Things like stuffy noses, head colds, and other sinus-related blockages can be softened and stimulated with the steam from a pot or cup of hot tea. A good peppery tea with citrus notes can help reawaken your body’s respiratory system to ease cold and flu symptoms.

Mental Clarity and Calming Teas

Calming teas with hints of lavender can help you de-stress during a trying time at work or at home. Other soothing ingredients like a touch of honey can help bring sweetness without a caffeine buzz. Teas that help promote mental clarity are also a great cup to have before a stressful test or day at work. Ingredients like peppermint can help stimulate memory and focus.

Having a cup of tea to make you feel better is always a good idea. Whether you need a tea for stress, for dietary issues, or for bodily pains, there is a tea out there for you that can help ease your symptoms. The tea-loving team at Culinary Teas wants to introduce you to a tea that can help you. For help understanding the teas Culinary Teas offers, contact us today.