Easy Breezy Summery Cocktail with Tea: Peach Orange Breeze

Are you looking for a new kind of cocktail to surprise your friends?  Try our Peach Orange Breeze!

First, make your Orange Grove Vanilla Herbal Tea Iced Tea. Orange Grove Vanilla Tea Cocktail
Fill up half of our Large Infuser from Culinary teas with loose tea.
Pour of boiling water in the big mug over the infuser ball. Let the tea steep, cool,and refrigerate this delicious  and concentrated  tea.  Read our blog post " How to Make Fabulous Iced Tea" for tips and ideas. 



Next, mix the cocktail:
1 part of Dekuyper Peachtree Schnapps Liqueur + 2 parts of Orange Grove Vanilla Tea Concentrate 
It will be a touch strong until you add some ice and then it will be perfection!