Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

4 Pieces of Teaware You Need Right Now

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

Teaware can make or break your tea-drinking experience. You can drink all the tea you want, but if you don’t have the right tools your tea time might not be as grand. Here are the four pieces you have to have right now.

A Quality Tea Kettle

This is basic. Get a tea kettle that boils your water for tea. Or if you drink iced tea, get a press or pitcher that makes tea the way you like it. This is a foundational tool, so don’t skimp here. There are also electric kettles that boil water almost instantly and can heat to a specific temperature depending on the type of tea you're brewing. This might be a great addition to your tea consumption habits if you’re looking for a convenient way to brew the perfect pot of tea.

A Matcha Whisk or Blender Ball

If you've experimented with matcha, you've probably realized that the fine powder is hard to mix just right. The perfect tool for this is a matcha whisk. This tool adds the proper amount of froth and air to the matcha in order to achieve a perfect cup of tea every time. This tool isn’t just suggested. It’s mandatory if you’re working with matcha on a daily or weekly basis. Matcha blender balls are also a great tool. They look like the spiral ball in a protein shake tumbler, and they work similarly. Add it to a lidded container with your matcha and other ingredients, shake it, and go.

A Tea Tumbler

Whether your preference is hot or cold, having a tea tumbler is a must. A good tea tumbler will come with a leak-proof lid that will allow you to take your tea on the go. You can also get tea tumblers that allow you to brew the tea right in the tumbler. This saves you the trouble of having to brew the tea separately and then pour it into the tumbler.


Tea infusers are essential when you’re working with loose leaf tea. Infusers come in all shapes and size. There are wand-like infusers that let you grab a certain amount of tea straight out of the tea container and swirl it into a mug of hot water. Other infusers might sit on the top of your tea kettle like a mesh strainer that holds the loose leaf tea in the boiling water. Yet other infusers will come in cute shapes and colors that are meant to be added to a pot or cup of tea and then removed after the perfect amount of steeping time. You can experiment to find which style you prefer, or you can use a different type for different tea varieties.

The proper teaware goes a long way toward improving your tea drinking experience. If you're looking for new teaware, check out Culinary Teas. We offer a variety of infusers, tumblers, matcha whisks, and more. Explore our full selection here.