10 Reasons You Need a New Flavor of Tea

10 Reasons You Need a New Flavor of Tea


Tea is great for all occasions. Whether you’re happy or sad, tea can elevate your mood. Here are ten reasons you need a new flavor of tea today.

1. You Got a Raise

Hooray for you! You should celebrate. A tea that has exotic ingredients or one that you’ve had your eye on for a long time is perfect for today. Splurge a little, you deserve it.

2. That Big Project Is Done

You finished a massive project today and feel so accomplished. You should, you worked really hard. Take the time for a hot cuppa or a cool glass of iced tea in a flavor that makes you feel special.

3. The Dog Ate That Important Thing

Well, sometimes things happen. Drink a cup of tea to center yourself before you handle the consequences of your dog’s digestion. We suggest drinking the whole cup before tackling your next step.

4. Your Heart Is Broken

Take a minute for yourself today with a cup of tea. A calming, centering cup of hot tea can help you feel better. And a cup of iced tea can refresh you and help you figure out what to do next. You deserve several cups of tea today.

5. It’s Spa Day

Treat yourself day? You definitely need a cup of tea. Enjoy a berry tea or cleansing tea while you’re pampering yourself.

6. It’s Tuesday

Tuesday, tea - they both start with “T.” And that means you need a new flavor of tea to sip. After all, life is about enjoying the little things.

7. You’re Stressed Today

If you’re stressed, there’s nothing better than a warm cup of tea with lemon. Select a flavor of tea that has calming ingredients will help center you and make you feel better. Try chamomile or lavender.

8. It’s Your Birthday

Birthdays call for several flavors of new tea! You can’t celebrate another year without a little adventure. Try a new flavor that you’ve never ventured into to celebrate your special day.

9. You Forgot an Important Date

If you forgot your anniversary, someone’s birthday, or another very important date, take some time for a cup of tea. There are flavors and blends that can increase memory. Drink enough tea, and next year you might not forget the occasion.

10. It’s Wednesday

Wednesday comes after Tuesday and before Thursday. This means Wednesdays are a perfect day for buying a new flavor or tea. Do you see what we’re getting at here? Any day is a great day to buy a new flavor of tea!

Treat yourself to a new flavor of tea for any situation or day. Culinary Tea's gourmet blends pack in tons of flavor and health benefits. Try a new flavor today.