5 Fun Cocktails That Tea Drinkers Will Love

tean inspired cocktail

A simple cup of tea is wonderful, but why not try a cocktail for a little variety? Just combine your favorite brew with juice, herbs and/or alcohol to create a refreshing spin on the beverage. To inspire you with a few ideas, here are some tea-based cocktails (and one mocktail) worth mixing: 

  1. Five-ingredient hibiscus margaritas: All you need are steeped hibiscus leaves, lime juice, tequila, sweetener (agave nectar and/or cane sugar) to make these pretty pink cocktails. Tart and sweet, they’ll go great with spicy food like tacos.
  2. Matcha mint juleps: If there’s anything better than a mint julep, it’s a mint julep with a hint of matcha. You’ll love this Southern favorite with a teatime twist.
  3. Hot chai toddy: Keep cozy in the cooler months when sipping this chai-based hot toddy. Adding a little bourbon to chai tea dressed with honey and lemon makes for a satisfying, spiced drink that celebrates the fall and winter seasons.
  4. Earl Grey tea cocktail: Want a healthy, refreshing cocktail option? You can’t beat this recipe. Sweeten 4 cups of Earl Grey tea with a honey simple syrup, and combine this mixture with gin, lavender and ice.
  5. Ginger green tea cocktail: Treat yourself to a complex combination of flavors in this green tea cocktail that blends ginger, green tea and cognac. Not only will you get the spicy kick of ginger through the tea, but also through the ginger simple syrup and small slice of fresh ginger root.

If you’re a tea drinker searching for a creative take on your favorite cup, consider a homemade cocktail. Shop our enormous tea selection online, find a variety you like, and use it in one of the ideas above! 

Courtney Ciesielski
Courtney Ciesielski