Musical notes teacup

Raise a Cup of Tea to Allen Toussaint

Musical notes teacupLast week Allen Toussaint, songwriter, musician, producer and arranger passed away after a concert in Madrid. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer left a demo of a song he recorded for Jesse Winchester, the singer-songwriter who died last year that was never released.  Upon his death he made it known that he wanted everyone to hear it.  The song is titled Isn't Life Great.  It's happy and lovely and he mentions tea just a little bit. Let's all raise a cup of tea in honor of Mr. Toussaint.  Since he's from New Orleans, we suggest you try a cup of our: Bourbon Street Vanilla or Spicy Good Mood while you enjoy his music.

          1st Stanza of Isn't It Great:

Smell the coffee, sip the tea
Try something new every now and then
Smile just for the heck of it
Though some might think you're crazy
It's alright to admit that sometimes you're a little bit lazy