A Cup of Tea with Your Morning Meditation

A Cup of Tea with Your Morning Meditation

A cup of tea in the morning can calm your mind and focus your energy for the day. Meditation is similar to holding a steeping cup of tea because you are physically still and focused on the moment. Combining these two rituals can lead to a very conscious day and morph into a long-lasting routine.

Morning Meditation

Morning meditation will help you begin your day in the right mindset. In general, meditation teaches us to be in the moment and find inner balance. Sitting in a focused state when the day is new and quiet allows you to see all the possibilities before you.

Often when you wait to meditate until later in the day, the opportunity is lost in the normal activities and rush. Trying to find time to meditate can result in stress which is the exact opposite of the purpose of meditation. Scheduling this time in the morning instead helps ensure you begin your day grounded and purposeful.

Tea Meditation

The small goal of tea meditation is mindfulness. Simply feeling the warmth of the cup, appreciating the aroma, and experiencing the taste as it touches your lips and rolls down your tongue is meditating. Tea meditation is ignoring all the tasks ahead of you, forgetting the expectations of the world, and just focusing your efforts on enjoying your morning cup of tea.

Combining morning meditation with your cup of tea is a simple way to begin your day fully present. Before you know it, the tea is gone, and you are heading out into life. Preparing the tea and placing yourself in a meditative state ensures your practice will be incorporated into your day.

Tea Type for Meditation

Green tea is good for relaxation and also provides a mental boost that can be an excellent pairing for meditation. However, tea meditation is best when drinking a variety of tea you enjoy. Starting your day with your favorite cup of tea helps to embrace the meditation state and ensures you appreciate the experience.

Tea Meditation Habit

Studies have shown that consistent meditation eases your stress and has many health benefits. Similarly, drinking tea is also linked to reduced stress, lower risk for heart disease and diabetes, and many other health benefits. Obviously, combining the two is a recipe for success.

The smell of the tea, the warmth of the cup, and the taste will slowly become a daily ritual in your meditation practice. Beginning your morning the same way each day can make tackling life’s biggest problems slightly easier with a clear mind. This is the time to enjoy life’s little moments and sip slowly. Namaste.