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Tea Transcends Generations From Millennials to Baby Boomers

Tea has long been associated with older generations. However, it is now gaining popularity among millennials as well. Some things that are allowing the popularity of tea to transcend generations are tea's health benefits, its wide range of varieties, and its increased availability. 

Tea and Your Health

The increase in tea consumption across generations has been partially attributed to tea's many health benefits. Tea touts many mental, physical, and emotional health benefits. These days, millennials and baby boomers alike place greater focus on a healthy lifestyle and mental and physical wellness. Full of antioxidants and immune-boosting ingredients, tea offers an excellent, natural alternative to other beverages that people are now steering clear of for health reasons.

Tea Variety

Another quality of tea that has allowed its popularity to filter down to millennials is its wide range of varieties. The teas that baby boomers had available to them were mostly limited to varieties such as black, green, and Earl Grey. In contrast, nowadays most people are familiar with a huge variety of teas including black, flavored, white, herbal, chai, and many more. The option to choose a tea based on your mood or situation is part of the beverage's charm for millennials.

Millennials also crave change and love new experiences. Tea varieties allow you to experience a different culture through flavors grown all over the world. Exotic blends and specialty shops that carry them contribute to the growing fascination millennials have with tea.

Tea Availability

The increased general knowledge of tea varieties has been made possible by an increased availability of tea. Tea and all its varieties are more available to us than ever before. In this digital age, millennials have grown up with almost anything available at their fingertips, and tea is no exception. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can order an Indian masala chai or a premium milk oolong from China.


So Who Drinks More Tea?

Despite the long-held association of tea with older generations, according to a study completed by YouGov, tea is actually more popular with millennials than with baby boomers. The study found that while coffee is the preferred beverage of choice for the older generation, millennials show an increasing preference for tea.

So there you have it. With its health benefits, fun varieties, and wide availability, tea has won over the hearts of millennials. However, even with all the recent developments in tea culture, nothing can change the sense of calm and comfort that comes with a hot cup of tea. That is a feeling that transcends generations.