Gunpowder tea

Gunpowder Tea?

The name Gunpowder was given in the 19th century when a British clerk noticed that the tightly rolled tea leaves resembled pelleted gunpowder for cannons. This helped to preserve freshness and made it a very compact package for transportation. 

Gunpowder tea is a very common tea in China since 7th century.  gunpowder tea from culinaryteas

This tea is produced like green tea but after the steaming process the tea is tightly rolled into what appears to be pellets.

Gunpowder is a more concentrated beverage than any other green tea variety. You only need to use 1/2 teaspoon per cup.The expansion of the leaf after infusion is quite remarkable.

The leaves will open up and the olive-colored drink will surprise you with its sweet, slightly pungent flavor, subtle smoky notes, and lemony aftertaste. 

In our collection we have great selection of  Gunpowder teas from China and Sri Lanka, see some of our selection below!

Superior Gunpowder has a surprising body and captivating green tea taste with a hint of oakiness.

Osprey Gunpowder Organic  is a classic top quality gunpowder, slightly vegetative but refreshing and clean.

Royal Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea has full body with an intriguing hint of smokiness

Formosa Gunpowder Tea With vibrant peppermint and luxury gunpowder green tea, this is a tea to drink all day long. Organic Moroccan Mint Tea is so soothing and relaxing.  An exotic taste sensation! .

Organic Moroccan Mint Tea slightly grassy typical green tea character in the cup.

Gunpowder tea in a cup

Gunpowder tea has a surprising high caffeine content, compared to other green teas so enjoy it at the proper time of day or enjoy the Moroccan Mint as the blend of peppermint and gunpowder tea lowers the caffeine to a much lower level.