Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess

The most well-known Oolong in our collection is Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess. There is a legend of a poor farmer who worshiped the iron statue of the Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin. The iron statue was in a deteriorating temple, the village was poor, and there was not enough money to restore the temple. One night the Iron Goddess came to him in a dream and pointed to a place behind her temple where he could find a treasure. She asked him to nurture what he was going to find there. Next morning the farmer found a tea bush at the place where the Iron Goddess had pointed. He cultivated the tea bush and it grew.

The farmer shared it with his neighbors and friends in the village and the community became prosperous.
Inhale aroma of this tea before brewing. Ti Kuan Yin Goddess will share its fragrance, which is compared to the blossoms of many flowers. The brewed tea will show the dark color of the statue of the Iron Goddess.
Tea has a complex flavor that unfolds with each infusion. You can make three or four infusions. First, rinse the leaves with hot kettle water to open them up and release the fragrance. Pour off the water, refill, and steep the leaves for 30 seconds before drinking, increasing the time from one infusion to the next to extract all the remaining flavor. Each time the color and the flavor will be slightly different.
Whether you drink oolong by yourself or share with friends take the  journey and enjoy this exceptionally aromatic tea.