Kyoto Rose Cherry Blossom Festival










The cherry blossom festival in Japan is amazingly beautiful. The flowering occurs mid-January on the southern island of Okinawa then, with the arrival of spring, moves north to the island of Hokkaido, where it ends in May. Bright pink or white flowers of the sakura, or Japanese cherry, appear before the the leaves unfurl, producing the classic image of floating blossoms.

Since ancient times the sakura has been a popular emblem of Japan. It represents feminine youth and beauty. It is a national tradition to sit and contemplate the cherry blossoms, just admiring them and living in the moment. It is widely believed that the most beautiful cherry blossoms bloom in the ancient capitals of Kyoto, Nara, and Kamakura.

We have a wonderful tea called Kyoto Rose Cherry Blossom Festival. It is a superb Japanese-style sencha combined with cherry flavoring and genuine rose petals. It has a rich and intense flavor and a pleasant aftertaste that will inspire you to contemplate the springtime miracle of the sakura blossoming.