How to Make Fabulous Iced Tea

The season turns warm, and we think of refreshing drinks.  Iced tea is definitely one of them!  Below are three easy ways to make iced tea.  But don't forget to start with the right ingredient -- high quality tea.  Just as in cooking, at Culinary Teas, we agree the ingredients matter!   

Option 1:  Easy Iced Tea 
The quickest way to make iced tea is to brew a very strong pot of tea with your favorite tea.   Pour this concoction over ice, and you're ready to go.  Remember that if you plan to add ice, you will want a concentrated tea brew.  We recommend Organic Texas Iced Tea for a classic iced tea.  Add sugar to taste.  Bingo Blueberry Herbal and Apricot Supreme Herbal make delicious caffeine-free iced teas.

Option 2:  Easy Sun Tea 
If you have more time (and sun), allow the sun to do the work for you.  Put your favorite tea in a tea bag or infuser, or use ready-made tea bags.  Add that to in a large pitcher or closed glass container in the sun with water.  Over the course of hours, the tea will steep in the sun.  Perfection!  Remember that if you intend to add ice to this tea, you will want to use plenty of tea in the preparation.  Our huge infuser or disposable or reusable tea bags come in handy.  Fill the infuser only half way, as our teas will need room to expand and breathe as they brew. We like Wild BlackberryLady Hannah's Whole Fruit Tea and Key Lime Tea for crowd-pleasing iced tea.  
Option 3:  Cold Brew Bags  
If green tea is your favorite, then our Cold Brew Bags are the way to go.  Simply add a bag to a liter of water, shake, and soon you will have delicious tea ready for ice.  These bags in Classic GreenPeach Green, and Mango Green, are perfect for picnics, as you only need one bag to make up to five delicious liters of chilled tea. The green tea in these bags is very high quality and delicious....enjoy! 

-- Laura