How to Make Oolong

Oolong Tea has a complex flavor that unfolds with each infusion. You can make three or four infusions.Oolong teas

First, rinse the leaves with hot kettle water to open them up and release the fragrance. Pour off the water, refill, and steep the leaves for 30 seconds before drinking, increasing the time from one infusion to the next to extract all the remaining flavor. Each time the color and the flavor will be slightly different.  Whether you drink our Oolongs by yourself or share with friends take the  journey and enjoy this exceptionally aromatic tea. 

Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess and Formosa Oolong are great teas to enjoy the aroma, flavor and benefits of Oolongs,  A perfect first Oolong to try is our Oolong Orange Blossom Teawith a touch of orange essence and jasmine.