Why Drink White Teas -- For Your Health!

White Tea is low in caffeine and thirst quenching.  There are so many heath benefits!


Anti-Cancer: White Tea is full of antioxidants that protect the body from damaging free radicals. Flavonoids, a class of  antioxidants, inhibit the 

White Tea at Culinary Teas

growth of cancer cells.  White Tea has even more antioxidants than Green Teas. 


Healthy Teeth and Gums: White Tea has small amount of fluoride that helps maintain teeth and healthy gums.  Tea has antibacterial properties and kills bad bacteria in the mouth.


Heart Protection: White Tea is a great tonic. It helps to thin the blood, lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.


Cholesterol Help: Catechin, which is found in White Tea, helps to increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol.


Menopause Relief.  According to Chinese medicine White Tea helps ease the symptoms of menopause by  balancing excessive heat.

For a first time White Tea drinker, we recommend Peach Apricot White Tea or Pai Mu Tan White Tea.  Both are gentle teas to get started on your journey.  Like Green Tea, remember to brew White Tea with hot water, around 180 degrees, not boiling.  

For an elite White Tea taste, try our White Monkey Paw Tea or Adams Peak Rare White Tea.  Both are connoisseurs' teas.  


Try something new today!