Best Teas for Migraine

Plum tea in a mason jarWhen suffering from migraines, some people have found that drinking tea relieves the symptoms. Researches confirm that caffeine in tea can ease aches and pains as quickly as painkilling medications. At the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago studies conclude: 'Caffeine alone provides a low but very real level of effectiveness in treating tension-type headaches.' Before a headache or migraine, blood vessels tend to enlarge. Because it contains “vasoconstrictive” properties that cause the blood vessels to narrow and restrict blood flow, caffeine can aid in head pain relief. To ease the pain of migraines, try a cup of soothing black tea, which has 20-70 mg of caffeine in an 8 oz cup, depending on brew time. For one of our customers, Plum tea, a flavored black tea, provided migraine relief:

"I had a migraine 11 years ago, and someone gave me plum tea, it settled my tummy, and within an hour my head felt so much better, it took me awhile before I found it online, about 10 years ago at Culinary teas, and I've been ordering it since, I was sent an email when the company changed hands, so I ordered the pound bag of it, anytime I'm not feeling well, I have this tea, it's awesome iced, I never have to add sugar, nor would I, and every once in awhile I add a bag of regular black tea to it, but yes this works for migraines.

I'm down to my last 2 scoops of the Plum tea. Again thank you so much for your help".* 

*After this feed back we put Plum tea  back in our catalog and got  some emails from customers that they appreciated our advice. Please share with us your discoveries and tips.

If caffeine is a migraine trigger, Chamomile tea can relieve migraine symptoms. Chamomile has used to help with reducing inflammation, reducing muscle spasms, relieving anxiety, treating stomach cramps, ease skin irritations and serves as a mild sedative to help with problems sleeping.