Customer Invention: Organic Moroccan Mint Tea!

One of our inventive customers sent us this review of our teas.  We love it!  

David writes:  "I start the day with a fresh-ground, fresh-pressed Kona/Guatemalan latte, but, after dietary issues arose, I replaced the mid-afternoon pick-me-up coffee with a commercial peppermint/black tea blend. Not bad, but not good enough. Wanting to move to organic, I purchased a pound each of Organic PeppermiOsprey gunpowder from Cuinaryt easnt and Osprey Gunpowder Green. Using a mesh tea-infuser in a 10-oz mug, I pour boiling water over 2 tsp peppermint, cover and steep for 4 minutes; remove the infuser and stir in 1/2 tsp osprey gunpowder, replace the infuser and steep another 3 minutes; remove the infuser and stir the gunpowder leaves to help the settle. I'm sure I've broken all the rules, but the resulting peppermint gunpowder is wonderful!"

Some of the more experienced travelers out there may recognize this recipe as Moroccan Mint, Organic style. We tried this recipe at our offices and found it delicious. We like that the Organic Peppermint is brewed at boiling, and the Organic Osprey Gunpowder Green Tea is added once the water has cooled, protecting the green tea.  

Thank you David!