Introducing our Tea Tip Tumbler Contest! 

Culinary Teas Tea Tumbler

Send us your best Tea Tip, and we will enter you into our contest to win our New Culinary Teas Tumbler.  

Made of double-walled glass, our Tumbler is perfect for bringing Gourmet Tea on the go.  Put beautiful tea leaves into the vessel, add hot water, screw on the mesh top, and you are ready to enjoy luxury tea.  The double-walled glass keeps the tea hot, and allows just the right amount of warmth to warm your hands. Our Tumbler is produced with fair wages in a fair work environment.  

So what kind of Tea Tips should you send?  Here are some ideas to get you started: 
Make a batch of iced Elderberry Energy, and add vodka for a great cocktail.

On your yogurt, add Cherry Almond Tea right out of the pouch for a nice crunch to your morning. 
When making a sponge cake, pour Earl Grey over the cooked cake to add moisture before you add icing and decorations.

Caramel Toffee Pu-erh with a shot of good scotch whiskey is a decadent way to celebrate the evening. 

You can send us your Tea Tip by Contacting Us.