What Tea Is Strong Enough to Stand up a Spoon?

It is well known that Ireland is one of the World's largest tea consumers. An average Irishorganic irish Breakfast from culinaryteas.com person drinks 6 cups of tea per day. Tea was introduced to Ireland in the early 1800 and quickly spread through all of Ireland both rural and urban.The Irish love strong tea. In the old days tea was continuously brewing on the stove. We introduce Organic Irish Breakfast Tea to continue that tradition.  

In 1910, the New York Times published an article " Tea is Ireland's evil.; Ranks before Alcohol as an Enemy of the Public Health."  How strange it sound now, when we talk over and over again about the health benefits of tea! 

Until World War II, the people in Ireland were drinking the imported from England. During the war the Irish refused to allow British ships into their western ports and the British tea deliveries were cut. Ireland started to import teas directly from their countries of origin. Traditional Irish breakfast tea is a blend of Assam Orthodox and Kenyan CTC (cut,torn,curled) tea.

Our Organic Irish Breakfast Tea can be strong  The more you brew it, the stronger it becomes. It is a robust, full body strong tea for serious tea lovers. The malty flavor of Assam is combined with the brightness and  floral notes of the Kenyan tea that gives it its depth. It is said that the best Irish breakfast tea is particularly well brewed with Irish water.. we can not  provide you with the Irish water, but we hope you will enjoy this exceptional Organic "Cupan Tae".