If you like green tea you will love Sencha.

I love it because of its freshness, color, and the light energy
boost and uplift it gives me. You can drink Sencha any time of day—with food, desserts, or just by itself.
This Japanese-style tea is simple and uncomplicated to prepare: It can be brewed with over-boiled or hard water and you can put as much tea in the mesh as you wish. Experiment to find out what you like. However, there is one preparation rule that should be respected: brew time should not exceed
1 minute. A short infusion time allows this tea to open up and release its subtle aromas, create a beautiful light green color, deliver smooth taste, and incredible foam. The leaves can be brewed up to three times, but the best will be the first infusion. A long brew time will make the liquor cloudy and the taste bitter.
Sencha is best served in white porcelain or transparent glass cups.
The freshness of the leaves is assured by the special way they are prepared: steamed, not dried or heated. This is why its caffeine and tannin levels are quite low and its antioxidant properties high.
If you have leftover Sencha don’t throw it out. It can be incorporated in smoothies or added to rice water when cooking. It will add new aromas!
January 31, 2014

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Cinnamon Tea

I love great food, especially during holidays when it isn't possible to resist the abundant and delicious meals we share with family and friends. Sometimes after eating too much, especially sweets, it is hard to stop and we

 go on gaining pounds. This is due to an imbalance in blood sugar levels. Do you know that one of the most important benefits of cinnamon is reduced sugar cravings and lower blood sugar levels? Apple pie, even with cinnamon, can add these unwanted extra pounds, but cinnamon tea will not.

In our collection we have a great selection of teas with cinnamon.

It has been known in many countries for several centuries that cinnamon tea helps to strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol, and stimulate weight loss. During the cold season add a piece of ginger and a slice of lemon to for extra Vitamin C.

Cinnamon tea will help keep you in good health during the holiday season despite  dietary overindulgence, but this golden rule still applies: All is good in moderation.

January 31, 2014

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Miracle in the cup: Dragon 4 Flowers

Tea is part of my everyday happiness. Would you like to surprise someone who loves tea? Consider a gift of Dragon 4 Flowers blooming  tea. It is not just tea, it is a piece of art. 
The tea leaves are skillfully tied together with the blossoms of chrysanthemum, jasmine, amaranth and lavender blossom. The tea bundles unfold into beautiful shapes when brewed. To enjoy the beauty it is important to brew them in transparent tea pots or glasses. I love to brew blooming tea in a wine glass. It gives such an elegant look.
Blooming tea is an example of the Eastern approach to everyday life. Find a moment to sit and contemplate the beauty and drink this elixir of vitality.
Just one cup is worth a thousand words.
January 31, 2014

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To Make a Great tea - Use Good Water

Do you know that in ancient times in China tea lovers would go a great distance to get the right water 
 for each variety of tea. It was believed that the water must come from the same place that the 

Pouring tea into a cuptea is cultivated. Only in this way can it achieve its highest potential.

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January 31, 2014

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Lu Yu The Sage of Tea

The first book about the rules of successful tea brewing was called Tea Classic ( Cha Jing ) ; it was written in the 7th Century by Lu Yu, known as the Sage of Tea. He is a respected figure on the subject of tea to this day. 


«What is a tea?» –asked one day a boy to a Wise man .

A Wise man answered: «Tea is a magic ».

«What is a magic ?»- asked the boy again .
«Magic – is an opening  the  Flower of your Soul when you drink tea " . 
answered the Wise Man
Old Chinese saying
January 30, 2014

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Darjeeling MIM served in a special Cobalt Net tea set

Cobalt Net Tea set at Culinary Teas

For special occasions I use a special tea set I brought from Russia. This tea set has a direct connection with my cultural heritage. It is called Cobalt Blue Net and was first made for the Russian Tsarina Elisabeth in the 18th Century. She was daughter of Peter The Great and she ruled the country for 20 years. During this time scientists all over Europe were experimenting with ways to create porcelain. Russia was the third country after Meissen (Germany) and Sevres (France) to do this at Manufacture of Russian imperial porcelain began in St. Petersburg.  

The Imperial Porclain factory survived revolutions, wars, and the Communist period and still manufactures these beautiful tea sets to this day.  They are hand-painted and tea brewed in them is particularly flavorful.  I brewed Darjeeling MIM 2nd Flush in my Cobalt Net tea set.  The tea has full, velvety grounded flavor and beautiful color.  This tea drinking experience was a pleasure for all senses.   


January 30, 2014

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Roses, Love and Tea


Rosebuds on a platter


When we think about roses we think about love and the people we love, romance and sweet moments together with someone special. The gift of roses has traditionally been a way to express our affections on an occasion, open hearts, and nurture friendship.

Imagine a tea with the character and aroma of fresh roses. In our collection we have Rose tea, actual Rose buds, and many blends that incorporate rose petals and their essential oils. Rose buds themselves are beautiful just to look at—they are organic and edible. You can put them in a cup of tea, a glass of champagne, or use them as a cake decoration.