January 30, 2014

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Dragonwell Tea : delight for all the senses

I am a lifelong tea lover. Tea is part of my everyday happiness. I love to start my morning at work with a cup of good tea and finish my day with a cup of tea. I love different types of teas, depending on the season, temperature, and my mood.

Some teas have always been a part of my life; they are like old and faithful friends.

Dragonwell tea with scooper

One of my favorites of all time is Dragonwell, named for a legendary well in the tea production region, and one of the most popular Chinese teas of all time, known for more than 1500 years.
This tea is a delight for all the senses. I love to look at the leaves, which are hand flattened and dried in a special way. The dance of the tea leaves in the tea cup inspires a moment of contemplation and joy. The taste is wonderful, subtle, fragrant, and smooth.

Dragonwell is full of antioxidants, helps straighten teeth, improves cardiovascular function, slows down the aging process, and helps with weight loss.

January 30, 2014

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Russian Caravan: great tea after skiing or snow shoveling

In Russia this tea is unknown, even though it has been quite popular in the West. It is said this tea was named in remembrance of the teas that came to Russia in caravans from China. Usually it was a caravan of hundreds of camels and the trip was one year long.     Our Russian Caravan is the classic combination of three teas:

Russian Caravan Tea Image from Culinary Teas
  • Chinese  Keemun,
  • Indian and Sri Lankan black, 
  • Lapsang Souchong smoky tea (a small amount)

The liquor has a beautiful dark brown color and distinctive smoky taste.  It will warm your heart and your body during the cold winter months. 

It is a wonderful and relaxing treat after a day of skiing and outdoor activities.



How to Brew Matcha

Brewing Matcha powdered tea is very different than steeping the leaves. You should have at least one special tool, a bamboo whisk. Start

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January 30, 2014

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Matcha: calm alertness tea

Matcha tea in a bowlMatcha, the “jade drink,” appeared in China in the 10th Century and by the 12th Century it was imported to Japan. In China, by that time, it was almost forgotten, but in Japan it became a very popular part of the tea drinking culture. For one thing, it is a powerhouse of antioxidants and contains L-theanine, which helps relax the mind, enhance mood, focus, and alertness.

Cultivation and preparation require special methods. Several weeks before the harvest the leaves are covered to hide them from direct sunlight. This makes them more tender and juicier, less bitter, and richer in amino acids. The young leaves are harvested while still tender and then dried, stems removed, and made into a powder. Production is very limited.

January 30, 2014

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Trafalgar Anniversary: rose petals and Assam

My favorite tea blend with rose petals is Trafalgar Anniversary, a combination of bold Assam, flowery Ceylon, long-lasting Kenyan Klambu, and Chinese black tea from Anhui to balance this aromatic and zestful blend.

The flavor of rose petals brings an almost mystical smooth finish to this robust combination. The name Trafalgar Anniversary brings the memory of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson and his romantic love story with Lady Hamilton, immortalized in the film That Hamilton Woman starring Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier.

October 18, 2013

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Pu-erh: tea for health and energy

Pu-erh 5 Year Old at Culinary Teas

Tea lovers claim Pu-erh tea gives you energy, stay focused, and relaxed. Like any Chinese tonic it gives your body what it needs and has some of the stimulating properties of coffee without the side effects. You can drink Pu-erh before a workout to get an energy boost, at the office, and to stay alert on long drives. Drink it to help you digest a heavy meal and for the many health benefits: detoxification of the body, reduced blood pressure, and lower blood sugar.

Pu-erh has other beneficial side-effects: it helps the body lose retained water in the tissues and burn fat, which makes it a wonderful tea for those who are trying to lose weight. I have discovered that it reduces appetite; I feel quite full and satisfied after drinking Pu-erh. It can help reduce cravings for alcohol and alcohol dependency.

Pu-erh tea originated in the 7th Century in China. Smooth, warming, and with an earthy flavor, the Pu-erh aging and fermentation process makes it unique and it becomes more precious with age. The people of Yunnan Province offered it to their guests and as it gained popularity, Pu-erh tea spread around China and all over the world. 

Try this delicious healing beverage. In China it is said that, “Pu-erh helps the body to be as it should be.”


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