There’s nothing like a freshly brewed cup of black tea — one of the world’s best and most popular beverages. When you’re looking for the best black tea available, come to Culinary Teas! As the leading provider of gourmet teas for every taste, we’re pleased to offer 150 varieties, with black tea bags and loose leaf black tea available.

The Many Varieties of Black Tea

Delicious black tea is beloved worldwide — and is it any wonder? Available in such a diverse array of flavors, from African to Earl Grey, this type of tea has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in organic tea,  Keemun tea, specialty tea blends or a classic Darjeeling, we have the tea you’re sure to love. In addition, we have a variety of flavored teas to fit any taste and preference. Use the search tabs on this page to filter your tea search and find just the right flavor to delight your taste buds.

Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant and can be enjoyed hot or iced — often with cream, sugar or lemon. Considered by some drinkers as a great alternative to coffee, black tea traditionally contains caffeine, although there are also decaf options available today. When brewed, it can range from red to dark brown. In addition to its many varieties and wonderful flavors, black tea has been associated with possible health benefits — from lower cholesterol to decreased risks for hypertension and heart disease.

What Makes Black Tea Unique?

Black tea is distinct by how it’s created — oxidized longer than other varieties. This oxidation is what makes its leaves darker and where it got its name. Black teas tend to offer stronger, bolder flavors than other types of tea, and they can contain the most caffeine of tea varieties. There are hundreds of black tea varieties, and each one offers distinct flavor and enjoyment.

Why Purchase From Culinary Teas?

At Culinary Teas, we believe in offering a gourmet tea for every taste. That’s exactly why we have more than 400 loose leaf teas, tea bags and accessories available. Our black tea selection gives you a way to enjoy the highest-quality tea, made by the top 1 percent of all tea growers in the world. More than that, we have a wide selection of flavors, the fairest prices in the industry and exceptional customer service. When ordering black tea leaves, black tea bags or other products from us, you can rest easy that you’ll get your tea as quickly as possible. About 98 percent of our orders get fulfilled with two days of being placed, sent from our retail location in Downers Grove, Illinois.


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