July 12, 2018

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4 Pieces of Teaware You Need Right Now

You can drink all the tea you want, but if you don’t have the right tools, your tea time might not be as grand. Here are the four pieces you have to have right now.

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July 05, 2018

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10 Reasons You Need a New Flavor of Tea

Tea is great for all occasions. Whether you’re happy or sad, tea can elevate your mood. Here are ten reasons you need a new flavor of tea today.

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4 Teas That Will Make You Feel Better

Tea can promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Besides hydration and all the benefits that come with being properly hydrated, teas can also introduce herbal remedies into your body that can help ease illness and ailments. Here are four teas that will make you feel better.

Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Tea

Drinking an anti-inflammatory tea can help with joint pain and arthritis. Active ingredients like turmeric, fennel, and orange peel in the Arthritis Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Tea offered by Culinary Teas are great for relieving arthritic pains. Part of the cause of arthritis pain is oxidation by free radicals. Turmeric and other antioxidants help slow the oxidation process within your body.

Dietary Teas

Teas with ingredients like ginger and dandelion will help your body’s digestive tract. This is perfect for bloating and other dietary issues. Choose a blend that is herbal and has a mix of ingredients that will both calm your digestive tract and stimulate digestion. Drink these teas as recommended, and don’t overindulge. An added touch of pepper can help stimulate your digestive system, if needed.

Flu and Cold Remedy Teas

Having a hot cup of tea can help soothe some of the most severe cold and flu symptoms. Things like stuffy noses, head colds, and other sinus-related blockages can be softened and stimulated with the steam from a pot or cup of hot tea. A good peppery tea with citrus notes can help reawaken your body’s respiratory system to ease cold and flu symptoms.

Mental Clarity and Calming Teas

Calming teas with hints of lavender can help you de-stress during a trying time at work or at home. Other soothing ingredients like a touch of honey can help bring sweetness without a caffeine buzz. Teas that help promote mental clarity are also a great cup to have before a stressful test or day at work. Ingredients like peppermint can help stimulate memory and focus.

Having a cup of tea to make you feel better is always a good idea. Whether you need a tea for stress, for dietary issues, or for bodily pains, there is a tea out there for you that can help ease your symptoms. The tea-loving team at Culinary Teas wants to introduce you to a tea that can help you. For help understanding the teas Culinary Teas offers, contact us today.

June 21, 2018

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3 Reasons Matcha Needs to Be in Your Beauty Routine


Matcha teas have been used widely for centuries. While ingesting the teas has many benefits, you can also use the tea in your beauty routines. Here are several reasons to incorporate matcha into your daily beauty routine.

Matcha Tea is Good for Your Gut

Drinking matcha tea can help digestion, so including it in your daily liquid intake can help calm your digestive system. This has several benefits for your beauty routine. Your skin will look hydrated and healthy if you’re consuming the correct amount of daily liquids. Having a healthy gut will also minimize bloating and give you a thinner appearance. Matcha has a plethora of nutrients like iron and antioxidants that will help balance your digestive system.

You Can Use It in Body Scrubs

Matcha has naturally detoxifying properties. Including it in body scrubs, lip scrubs and facial scrubs can help pull impurities out of your skin and give you a healthy glow. Adding matcha into scrubs with sugar will provide a perfect blend to exfoliate as you detoxify your skin. The same properties that make it a great detoxifier also mean that matcha will help absorb the dirt and debris that cause blackheads and whiteheads. Adding matcha to your beauty routine on a regular basis can use those properties to help prevent breakouts. While it detoxifies, matcha can also help energize your skin and promote healthy cell growth and stimulate blood flow. Proper circulation will mean an even complexion that looks healthy and shiny. There are amino acids in matcha that will also help your skin look smooth in addition to giving it a natural shine.

Matcha Hair Masks Mean Business

If you treat your hair regularly with a mask, using matcha in that weekly or daily mask can help boost shiny, bouncy locks. The nutrients in matcha that help your gut also come to the rescue when dull color, limp hair, and other cosmetic concerns with hair. Try it out with honey, a raw egg, or lavender essential oil and play around with what works for your hair type.

Experimenting with matcha can have dramatic health benefits. If you’re looking to start drinking and using matcha in your day to day life, check out the selection at Culinary Teas. Explore our tea collection today to purchase high-quality matcha that will put you on the road to a healthier and more beautiful life.

June 14, 2018

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How to Transition From Coffee to Tea

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Caffeine can wreak havoc on your body. It’s one of the most commonly used addictive substances in many cultures. If you’re looking to transition away from coffee in your daily life, tea can be a great stand-in when you’re feeling a craving. Here are some reasons why tea can help with coffee detox and some tips and tools to use during that transition process.

Some Like It Hot

Many people are addicted to coffee because it’s a warm, first-thing-in-the-morning boost. Tea can, and does, replace this for many people all over the world. If you enjoy a hot cup first thing in the morning to awaken your senses, tea can fill that role to help you get used to life without coffee.

Experiment With Flavors

Another perk of using tea in your daily life instead of coffee is that there are so many blends and flavors to savor when it comes to tea. You can explore all types of tea from all over the world. You can still experiment with tea the way you might with coffee strains.

Try it Cold

Iced tea typically has a small amount of caffeine and can be a great way to add a little sweetness and hydration to your day. Iced tea, like hot tea, also comes in a rainbow of flavors and blends. Experiment to find a few of your favorites that you can rotate throughout your week so that your palate doesn’t become bored.


Tea comes in a variety of caffeine levels and includes many decaf varieties. You can gradually reduce the caffeine levels of your tea as you’re getting rid of coffee. This way you won't have to deal with caffeine withdrawal symptoms like headaches and irritability. Teas like matcha and chai have high levels of caffeine and could serve as your introduction to the world of tea straight off coffee.

Keep the Timing Similar

If you have coffee as the first thing in the morning and then several times throughout the day, keep your timing the same with a mug or glass of tea. This can help fool your body into thinking that it’s not actually being deprived. Staying consistent will also help ensure that you’re hydrated throughout the day.

If you want to make the jump from coffee to tea, a world of exploration awaits. There are dozens of varieties available at Culinary Teas. The staff is eager to help and answer your questions as you journey from coffee to tea.

3 Things You Didn’t Know Tea Could Do

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3 Ways to Incorporate Tea Into Your Busy Lifestyle

While there are many ways to enjoy tea, it can be a time-consuming hobby that can feel cumbersome. However, there are ways to enjoy tea in a busy lifestyle that are satisfying and promote healthy living.

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