How to Make Fabulous Iced Tea

The season turns warm, and we think of refreshing drinks.  Iced tea is definitely one of them!  Below are three easy ways to make iced tea.  But don't forget to start with the right ingredient -- high quality tea.  Just like in cooking, at Culinary Teas, we agree the ingredients matter!   
Strawberry Kiwi

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How to Make Your Perfect Tea Cup: Tea Tips from Norm Appelbaum

Pouring tea into a cup
1. When making tea ALWAYS USE a GOOD quality tea. It may cost more, but you'll
get more bang per pound. 

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April 09, 2015

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Customer Invention: Organic Moroccan Mint Tea!

....Wanting to move to organic, I purchased a pound each of Organic PeppermiOsprey gunpowder from Cuinaryt easnt and Osprey Gunpowder Green. Using a mesh tea-infuser in a 10-oz mug, I pour boiling water over... 

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WOW!! What Great Feedback from Customers about our Matcha!

Have you been hearing about a secret health ingredient called Matcha?  We have it! 
matcha tea powder from culinaryteas
Matcha is concentrated green tea powder that is ideal to add to smoothies or make into a frothy tea. Matcha packs many times the antioxidants of green tea in one serving.    Our version meets with rave reviews from customers as you can see below.  

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Peppermint tea: aids digestion, cools you in hot weather, and warms you up in the cold months.

Peppermint’s health benefits are well known. It aids digestion, cools you in hot weather, and warms you up in the cold months. Some take it as a natural medicinal to prevent colds, but most drinkers value it for its refreshing taste.
In ancient Rome women mixed peppermint with honey and ate it after drinking wine to refresh their breath.
Peppermint tea can be enjoyed by itself or added to any other tea you brew. It is a great tonic tea.

Peppermint tea in a cup

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Methods of Indian Teas Processing

There are two major methods of Indian tea processing: Orthodox and CTC. They apply to all types of Indian teas. 

The Orthodox method was developed by the British in the 19th Century and it is one of the oldest black tea processes. There are five steps: 

Harvesting tea

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Why Green Tea Is a Good Defense Against Flu

It is well known that viruses cannot survive by themselves without a host, which for us is our bodies. Viruses stick to the mucous membranes
Person drinking green tea
 where they find nutrition and multiply. Studies in Japan have identified a substance called Epigallocatechin (EGCG) that may prevent viruses from sticking to cell walls. Of all the catechins in green tea, this one is the most powerful antioxidant. 

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